Tuesday, 6 October 2015

2015 Topps Heritage Minors Box Break - Part 1 - Packs 1 through 6

I didn't bother with regular Heritage this past season, but since I've been a fan of the Minor League product since I returned to collecting, I had to pick up a box and build the non-SP base set. This has 24 packs with 9 cards each. 1 card is either an insert (hits and otherwise), a parallel, a short print or the contest entry card and the remainder are standard base cards.

Pack 1:
This will be the only pack that I show entire contents of the pack. It's what you expect if you've picked up any of the MLB Heritage. It is nice to start off with a pair of Mets in the first pack. The Matz is even nicer.
It is the gum damaged parallel! These fall 1 in 17, so I might have one more awaiting me in this. Getting a parallel for my PC in the first pack? What a great start!

Pack 2:
The big highlight for me in this is the minor league logos throughout the set. In addition, there is a bunting photo as well in this pack. As I worked my way through the packs, there did seem to be many more in-game photos as opposed to the standard posed photos. The Minor Miracles inserts fall at a rate of 1 per 8 packs.

Pack 3:
Another Mets card, and a couple more great minor league logos. This one included a contest entry card. These fell at 1:12, but I only got one instead of the expected two.

Pack 4:
Here's the other insert set in the set. Last year they used an actual road through the motif, this year it is street signs. The Reid-Foley in the first Blue Jays card in this break. Plus, the Charlotte Stone Crabs logo is another one worth scanning and showing.

Pack 5:
The Crawford is a short-print. They're 1 in 6. Two more Blue Jays are on either side of it. The Daytona Tortugas is another great minor-league logo. They were the Daytona Cubs until this past season when they changed affiliation to the Reds. The Tincaps one is pretty nice to show off as well.

Pack 6:
No hits so far, but another insert shows up. As a Simspons semi-addict, I did have to show what does seem to be my first Albuquerque Isotopes card. Two more great minor league logos and an alternate camo uniform as well.

That's 1/4 of the box. I still have two autos, a relic, and a trio of blue parallels that I was due that need to make an appearance. Some of them should show up tomorrow.

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  1. That's really cool! I'd been thinking of picking up either a box or a few packs. I wonder if there are any Dayton Dragons or Louisville Bats cards in the set?