Thursday, 29 October 2015

2015 Adventures in Repacks: Part 42 - Better to Give or to Receive?

Back to the dollar store with a pair of $1 hanger packs. 15 cards each, with two cards visible. I grabbed one because a card visible interested me. I grabbed the other since I knew I could throw it into a trade package. Which one would be the better repack overall, though? Time to go through the cards, comparing the contents to see which one was better.

Visible Card #1:
Red Kelly for me. Jacob Trouba for Dennis @ Too Many Manninhgams. I'll call this one a push, since both cards were the reason I grabbed these repacks.

Visible Card #2:
The reverse of the Kelly pack contained the Vlasic. Glen Murray was on the Trouba. The Vlasic is too generic a photo to gain the advantage up against my pre-Senators favourite team. This one goes to the Trouba.

Deron Quint was with the Trouba. Hedican was with the Kelly. Despite over 450 games in the NHL, I'd never heard of Quint. He's still active as well, playing with the KHL. Hedican had a lot longer career, hitting the 1000 game plateau and a Stanley Cup with the Hurricanes. But, he might be better known as the significant other of figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi. Obscurity factors in, and this one goes to the Trouba as well.

Shiny card:
I didn't even need to get the Trouba pack to find a card I can send to T.M.M. There's a shiny McDonald's card in with the Kelly. Trade material when unexpected is always good.

Remaining non-junk-wax-era cards:
1 each. Petrov with the Trouba. Modin with the Kelly. I'll never vote for a Leafs card if I can avoid it. The Trouba pack returns a 2 point lead.

Notable junk wax cards:

With the Red Kelly:
Sure, they may be millions of the card out there, but the Stanley Cup's appearance can make a great card. I do like expansion team pose cards, so there are 2 decent cards among the rest of them. 1 point for each of them makes this a draw. What will the Trouba pack offer?
A nice mask card and a rookie card in the same image. That's all it takes.

So, better repack mojo from picking up one based on a card for someone else as opposed to myself. Remember that when picking your repacks up on the cheap!

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