Friday 28 May 2021

2021 Score Box Break - First Pack Mojo!


The box showed up yesterday - let's see what is in this. Like last year, I'll go through this one pack at a time.

First card out - is a 'traded card'. Stafford remained grouped alongside the Lions teammates in the set, as does the return to the Lions in Jared Goff. Looking at the checklist, they seem to be the only updated players in the set.

As can be expected from Score, there's some great photography in the set. Here's the weather card of the pack, if not the set.

Kicker card!
While the photography for the draft pick portion of the set is pretty bland and generic, there is a gem or two in there. Darrisaw looks pretty intimidating here, and it should work out for him based on draft position - a first rounder to the Vikings.
If there was a theme to the photos, at least for this pack, it would be players looking the ball into their hands. You get the contrasting Brown full-speed photo alongside Butler just seeming to have it land right into his hands.
With the return of Fun Facts for this season, I gotta highlight my favourite in each pack. Here's Jessie Bates' superpower fantasy. This is also the first card where his name has been upgraded to the third.
Of course, the set has parallels. The silver on the Scorecard parallels work perfectly with a Raiders card.
Here's some inserts. The Breakthrough really gives the vibe a definite Topps Fire vibe, or perhaps the graffiti inserts in Certified basketball. As with every year, I could completely do without any of the Fantasy themed inserts. And if it weren't for inserts, I wouldn't have any Justin Fields content to show off.

But I did promise first pack mojo in this, and I am delivering.
My reaction to seeing this card backwards in the pack was "No Way!".

I joke about how my Packers love is based on the MST3K episode, but here's an auto of a guy who got a riff all his own in this. "Brett Favre at home!". But even without that, this is a really nice autograph of a Hall of Famer. If it can't be a Bills auto, it might as well be an auto of a Packer. Although this isn't a numbered version, this has to be among the more short-printed ones in the set. The only problem with getting such a great card in the first pack is that it can't be anything but downhill from here. 

But when I commit to posting a whole box, I guess I have to work my way through it. At least there will be some interesting photos. And some shiny parallels. And a few more autographs. 

There you have it!


  1. Whoa, great start, congrats! I'm glad you didn't say it was an unsolicited image of Favre or I wouldn't have opened this post!

    Score looks great as usual and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on some in singles form since the box prices are so ridiculous.

    Good luck on the rest of your break!

  2. Yeah. That's definitely a hit.

  3. That's a legendary pull. Congratulations!

  4. Awesome hit! Thanks for the pretty pictures!