Sunday 2 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 15.1 - Cubism

 Let's bust one of these! Lots o' cards!

2015 Prizm - Elfrid Payton - And we are off, with the junior member of a two-sport family. I'm still surprised I did not clue in that he was the son of CFL HOFer Elfrid Payton until a segment during a Raptors/Magic game.
2016 Optic - Harrison Barnes
2013 Hoops - DeAndre Jordan
2000 Hot Prospects - Alan Henderson - Shininess!
1995 Classic - Juwan Howard
1993 UD - Dwayne Schintzius
2016 Threads - Pascal Siakam - Not only a Raptors card, but a Siakam rookie card. It might not be his Prizm, but I won't complain about this unexpected appearance. 
1993 Hoops - Pat Riley
1991 UD - John Shasky
1990 Fleer - Jim Paxson
1994 Ultra - Monty Williams
1990 Hoops - Mark Alarie
2006 Fleer - Zach Randolph
2000 Triple Crown - Dikembe Mutombo - I'm making Dikembe my next PC player. It's sparse now, but should get some starter nice items whenever my next COMC shipment arrives.
2007 Topps - Shaun Livingston
2003 Focus - Latrell Sprewell
2004 Skybox - Luke Jackson
2000 Fleer Futures - Jacque Vaughn - Sparkly! 
2003 Focus - Latrell Sprewell - If they give me two of these, I might as well scan one of 'em! And both of these are from the "should be numbered, but not" category.
1989 Fleer - Richard Anderson
2018 Donruss - Brandon Knight
1993 Fleer - John Salley
1993 UD Triple Double - Mark Jackson - Hologram! Since the Siakam was a dupe, this will probably end up as the best card in this portion of the repack.
1991 UD - John Williams
1993 Hoops - Horace Grant
1990 Hoops - LaSalle Thompson
1996 Topps - Horace Grant - The power of the goggles! I do like the photo as well, with everybody just standing around watching.
1993 Hoops - Donald Hodge
2016 Select - Josh Richardson
2007 Fleer - Gerald Wallace
2004 Showcase - Tim Thomas - A really nice high-end feel to this card, and a really nice design with the headshot shaded in the background. It gives me the vibe of recent Gala base cards.

2015 Hoops - Luis Scola - Raptors card #2. (Look in the upper corner)
2015 Prizm - Kosta Koufos
2016 Optic - Tristan Thompson
2009 Certified - Fabric of the Game - Jersey Number Die-Cut /99 - Danilo Gallinari - The first hit of the box. 
2003 Ultra - Brian Grant

2000 Futures - Ron Mercer - More silvery Futures.
2017 Contenders - Jamal Murray - WOO-HOO! Although I'm betting this is a dupe, it is still nice to land a PC player.
1991 UD  - Doug West
1993 Hoops Anniversary - Craig Ehlo - Could that 'signed with Atlanta' be any smaller?
1990 Fleer - Fat Lever
1991 UD - Rony Siekaly
1990 Fleer - Sam Perkins
1995 Hoops - Darrick Martin - WOO-HOO! Vancouver card. Darrick would be traded to Minnesota midseason, and this was his only Grizzlies card.
1992 Hoops - Jaren Jackson
2017 Prizm - Cheick Diallo

2017 Prizm - Earl Watson - And the first fifth ends on a coach card. Earl had already been fired when this set was released.

To be Continued...


  1. Earl Watson is a coach? I guess it's been awhile since I followed the NBA. I remember when he was a player, but had no idea he moved up to become a head coach.

  2. Well, the Danillo hit is obviously the star of this post. He's averaged 16 points per game over a lengthy NBA career.

  3. All these weird Fleer card sets from late stage Fleer. They used the set names for baseball cards too.