Sunday 30 May 2021

2021 Score Box Break - Pack 3

Let's keep going.
First out this time is a Canadian in the NFL - the pride of Abbotsford, BC. 
Chase's incredibly good taste in basketball franchises also gives him the nod for my favourite fun fact in this pack.
If this name looks familiar, you might be a Texas Rangers fan. He's the son of former Rangers player, and current broadcaster Steve Buechele. Shane was undrafted, but signed with Kansas City. 
Two kicker cards in the same pack! Mason Crosby's is a bonus as it also brings the frozen tundra of Lambeau in the picture as well.
If kickers were not the theme of this pack, then maybe it was interceptions.
My first numbered card in the box came in this pack. You've got a nice photo of catching over the defender, and the colour of the parallel goes with the team colours. That's always a nice bonus.
And the inserts. At least the Fantasy Stars insert added a new Bills card to my team collection. The Sewell is also noteworthy as you rarely see OL guys among the insert sets that are made to highlight people going into the more high-profile positions. 

There you have it!


  1. Sewell was supposedly the best o-lineman in the draft.

  2. I love the Sewell card! (of course.)

    This is the first Score set I've seen in a really long time where I actually liked the design. I think it's because the font screams 1990/1991 Pro Set. It's too bad that they made it so expensive this year. I would have definitely grabbed a pack or two just for fun, even though I rarely open football.