Friday 21 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 18.4: 7-11 Hundreds


Just 25 cards left - SPA leads the way in this one as the final visible card.

A fairly standard start to this, with a mix of recent base a junk wax. The Breault is sort of an interesting card, as he'd only get a few more major releases over the rest of his career, and he'd be called Frank on those. I realize I hosed up on that McDougall card by posting it vertically. It's a pretty interesting photo.
That 1993 Leaf (with the National Gallery as the background image) really saved this blah group of cards. 
But Heroes & Prospects comes in and saves this. First up, Maxime Boisclair is a 2/14 baby! Much like the Svoboda earlier in the week, it is a dupe. This was really the only mainstream release of a card he had, so like all of the one-offs in my collection, I sorta appreciate them more than the guys I've got dozens of cards of. The other three would make NHL appearances after these cards were release, although for Hartigan, it was a return to the NHL, as he already played for, and got cards with, the Thrashers.

This was a really fun repack with all the AHL and CHL appearances, and some Sens cards. More fun than a hobby pack? Definitely, and I can get 3 more posts of the repack.

There you have it!

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  1. I like the Bobrovsky card. A lot of white but it shows off the uni colors. Good post.