Thursday 27 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 19: Surprising Football


While I await the arrival of my 2021 Score football box, here's a Surprise Bag from my 'repacks to be posted' box. This is the last of these I have around until I either order some more, or head off to the 7-11 or Dollarama.

Here's the content. Obviously, this was assembled before the big toploader shortage.

Clockwise from the top left lands on the 2010s pack for this one, and it isn't too bad, although I am basing this on a new Bills card for that team collection. That's enough to offset two cars from the same team from the same release. And there's also some guy named Cotton as well.

As expected, nothing but the 80s in the 70s/80s pack, but at least we can go back to 1983 for the Eric "not that one" Harris. And to make the card even better, there are CFL stats on the back of his card. Anything with a helmet becomes my favourite design here, and the colour match gives it to the Jackson. 

See! CFL stats!

The 12 card pack lands me my second Bills card of the repack.
And some WLAF action makes it pretty good even with the junk wax overload. Even though it isn't pronounced that way, Joique Bell makes me think of this gag from the Santa Claus MST3K episode
I could have brought out a PACKERS! WOO! reference earlier, but sometimes you gotta spread the love across different experiments. 
Finally, your Superstars. No complaints about any of these three names being considered as superstars. Eli Manning still has two more Super Bowl rings than most people. 

There you have it! Now, to watch the mailbox!

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  1. Fitz wins the round. Von was a beast in his prime, but I gotta go WR over D.

    Blades and Neal Anderson (if that's who that is) were good players.