Saturday 22 May 2021

Mailbag! Nothin' but the Hits!

A totally unexpected mailer showed up this week from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. The post title is a slight fib, as the above card is not a hit, but it is still a nice card, and I really don't have too many Tyrod-as-a-Bill cards. So it is a nice one, and I guess I can use it to say I'll be recapping a whole bunch more Bills stuff sometime over the next week and to lead into the football portion of the post.

Let's see some actual Buffalo cards. We've got some multi-coloured relics and since there wasn't a multi-coloured swatch on the bottom car, there was an auto helpfully stuck on.
The best thing about Christian Hackenberg bombing out was that he was still a high drafted QB, meaning that there were plenty of cards available of him, and they're plenty cheap. I've used that to add what might be my first booklet card in the 2/14 collection, which will arrive from COMC shortly (in the sense it is already 3 weeks past the supposed arrival date).

In terms of volume, it was the Raptors collection getting the biggest boost with a 7 pack of hits. While I like any hit featuring team fave Jerome Williams, my faves might be the autos of N'Daiye and De Colo, neither of whom got a lot of cards for their time in Toronto. In fact, if you look closely, they're both sporting other team's jerseys. 
A perfect piece of Canadian Content for that collection - a Canadian sporting a Team Canada jersey, which is also supposedly what this swatch was taken from.
Let's add some Mets content to that collection as well. While John Maine never really became a Legend, he's just fine for an on-card autograph. 
But of course, the Jays can't be left out of a mailer. And while the volume may have gone to the Raptors, this was literally the biggest addition to my collection. The card is a standard-sized card, to give you an idea of the size of this framed item. You get a card, a sticker-auto, and a piece of fabric cut in the shape of his jersey #. I wonder if this is revenge for the oversized content I sent in a recent mailer. If so, may the revenge continue!

There you have it!

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  1. Glad you liked 'em! I know your Blue Jays collection isn't as high priority as some of your other ones but I thought the Stewart plaque would be fun. Everything else came from the $1 box at my most recent show, and I thought you might appreciate the price ;)