Monday 3 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 15.2 - Cubism

Back to the cube!

2016 Donruss - Manu Ginobli

2008 Topps Signature /869 - Gabe Pruitt - At least the first card in this portion that should have been numbered actually was.
2017 Hoops - Dion Waiters
2013 Hoops Gold - Jonas Valanciunas - Raptors content, and on a parallel, nonetheless. It's a need, too.
2012 Panini - Al Jefferson
1993 Hoops - Toni Kukoc - A Kukoc rookie was likely a really good pull at the time.
1993 Hoops - Craig Ehlo - Both the Anniversary parallel and the base in the same repack! Rainbow!
1995 Metal - Robert Horry
1991 UD - Doc Rivers
1996 Hoops - Gheorghe Muresan - I also got this 2/14 card in the Surprise Bag repack I posted Thursday. Wanted to make sure I had this, I guess.
2003 Topps - Sean Elliott
1996 Topps - Reggie Miller - Reggie siblings get the shout out on the card back. Looking at Darrell's COMC cards, both Reggie and Cheryl were mentioned on his Score cards and his 1988 Donruss, and Reggie and Cheryl got solo acknowledgements on 1989 Topps and 1985 Donruss respectively.
2007 Topps - JR Smith
2000 Tople Crown - Rashard Lewis
2003 Flair Final - Latrell Sprewell
2002 UD Glass - Troy Hudson
2002 Platinum - Jon Barry 
2009 Topps - Kevin Martin
2007 Topps - Pau Gasol
1997 Metal Universe - Corey Beck - Much like with 1993 Leaf, I gotta scan a 1997 Metal Universe car. That's the Wright Brothers Monument behind him.
1993 Hoops - Clarence Weatherspoon
1990 Tar Heels - Joe Quigg - Although he never reached the pros, he might be one of my first cards of a guy with a last name that starts with a 'Q'. I've probably sent a Tim Quarterman card off to Kerry @ Cards on Cards.
2012 Elite - Al Jefferson
1996 Stadium Club - Detlef Schrempf
1994 Fleer - AC Green
1993 Hoops - Jim Jackson
1993 UD - Rockets/Clippers series
1991 Fleer - Rickey Green
2016 Select - Rodney Stuckey
2012 Hoops - Rick Carlisle - Random coach card!
2016 Complete - Festus Ezeli
2016 Donruss - Kyle Lowry - The Raptors got'em/need'em battle is tied at 1.
2017 Contenders - Dario Saric
2001 Premium - Richard Jefferson - And here's this portion's "should be numbered, but isn't" card. It should be /1500.
2001 Focus - Baron Davis
2006 Fleer - Maurice Ager
2002 UD - Jeff Foster
2004 Hoops - PJ Brown - You could tell me this was also the photo used on a Joe Smith card of him blocking a shot, and I'd totally believe you.
2007 Fleer - Udonis Haslem 
2007 SP Rookie Edition - Aaron Gray
1993 Topps - Acie Earl
1991 Skybox - Rafael Addison
1993 Hoops - Greg Anthony
1990 Hoops - Bob Weiss
1991 UD - Doug West
1995 Fleer - Armon Gilliam - 1995 Fleer. Just as garish in every sport.
1990 Fleer - Sam Perkins
1995 Hoops - Kurt Thomas
2017 Contenders Draft Auto - Semi Ojeleye - Another hit! Not the best penmanship, but considering his name is abbreviated from Jesusemilore Talodabijesu Ojeleye, he should be allowed to get away with a short signature after no-doubt having to sign write full name all the time in his schooling.
2017 Prizm - Get Hyped - Manu Ginobli - Insert!
2017 Prizm - Kawhi Leonard
2012 Hoops - Linas Kleiza - Even more Raptors content! And much like with the Jonas earlier, it is a need for the ol' team binders as well! WOO-HOO!  He's sporting the Rememberance Day alternates.
2018 Donruss - Tobias Harris
1996 Topps - Matt Geiger
2015 Prizm - DeMar DeRozan - A Raptors card is a wonderful way to wrap up this portion, even if unlike Linas, this one is a dupe.
And there goes another fifth of the cube. Still more to come!


  1. Where is the Armon Gilliam card

  2. Seeing that 2008-09 Topps Signature Pruitt sure brings back memories. Way back in 2009 (maybe 2010) one of the online stores (Blowout, DA, or PGH) was blowout out cases of this stuff, so I bought one (maybe two). I ended up building the autograph set, the base set, and the red set. Still working on the black facsimile set, but prices have gone up so much on that stuff that I'll never end up completing it.