Wednesday 19 May 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 18.2: 7-11 Hundreds


The side flips over, and here's the first card out. A nice horizontal appearance of a player who's name is pronounced perfectly to play in New York, not so much spelled that way.

While the first part of this was H&P intensive, this one starts off with a small run of SP Authentic cards. But there's Sens content, and that would win this battle for me even if it didn't feature one of the players in NHL history with the most fun names to say with Radek Bonk.
Wouldn't be a repack without a wall of 1990 Bowman hiding in there somewhere. 3 players on a Ducks card - 3 different jerseys. Teemu drew the short straw to get the Wild Wing one.
There's some more H&P. The Lowell Lock Monsters wins the team name war in this, but the army greens give the Brampton (now North Bay) Battalion the nod overall. Nice to see an Authentic Design where the background isn't wiped from the card. That might have been the last time it was used for the regular base cards in hockey. How the Trevor Daley incident didn't keep Beezer limited to repack appearances is...disappointing).

Overall, I have to go with the Ducks card as my fave here. It is a ghastly ugly jersey - but it makes so few appearances in the PC. I always sorta hope that they make appearances in historic releases just as a "What were they thinking?" card. 

But there you have it! 50 down, 50 to go.

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  1. Lowell and Brampton bring back memories. Those Battalion jerseys were really neat. And Skjei will always make me think of that SNL skit with Chance The Rapper.