Tuesday 25 May 2021

Bills! Bills! Bills!

 Another "get caught up on group breaks" post. This time with the Bills. I've been holding on to some of these for more than 3 months, and some for less than one week. Might as well get on with this!

I actually posted this one way back in February, as part of my annual 2/14 post, where I named this my favourite 2/14 card from the past calendar year. Hitting my collecting window so perfectly can do that, with this being my first card of the Bills rookie kicker. I guess I should be amazed that a kicker warranted a card, period

I'm fairly sure that I've got more Jake Fromm signatures in my possession than Jake's agent does. I guess if Josh Allen and Mitch Trubisky both break their legs, I'm set!
There were a lot of base cards/parallels/inserts in this I'm not going to show, simply to keep this post a reasonable length. So, despite a base set worth of Bills out of Optic, I'm only showing this shiny silver parallel of Josh Allen.
But there's going to be an exception to the don't-show-all-the-base rule. That's Chronicles. With all the sets in this making it an interesting break even if the cards don't fall your way, I'm going to at least show off all the representation within.
Much of the insert sets are devoted to rookies. So, if you didn't get enough Jake Fromm with that auto, here's some more of him. If you're going clockwise from the top left, you get Panini, Clearly Donruss, Luminescence Update, Score Update and Gridiron Kings.

 There's parallels, naturally. There's the red parallel of Gridiron Kings, and in a set that appears for the first time, both in this post and in Chronicles, Clear Vision in blue.
As I was saying - more Fromm signatures than his agent.

Let's throw in a few swatches for good measure!
The Bills had three players that were drafted into higher-profile offensive positions. So, that means you have plenty of cards available in this. 
Here's another new set. Not just to this post, or even just Chronicles. Prizm Black is new to Panini period. If you can release secondary sets of other releases such as Donruss Optic or Hoops Premium Stock, why not do it with Prizm and make Prizm Black?  Gabriel Davis appears here in both the base and silver parallel.
One more autograph for good measure! Davis was probably their top rookie last year, so any auto of his is welcome, even if his signature is pretty blah.
Putting last season behind us, here's some 2021 Score!  Nice photo choices (I love the Diggs), a colourful design, and even some legend content. That's two new base Jim Kelly cards for my Bills team collection in this, and given that there's multiple boxes in a break, also 2 new ones for my 2/14 collection alongside the Chronicles. 
Although not in Bills colours yet, here's some draft picks this year. Given that they mainly drafted DL and OL guys, with the only marquee position being the 6th round pick of Stevenson, they should be pretty inexpensive in group breaks this year. But at least they drafted a dude named Basham. 

The biggest highlight of the reverse of the cards - Fun Facts return for another year. I've got a box of these on order, so I'll have some more of these to show off in the upcoming week or so.
Start with an autograph, end with an autograph. Greg Rousseau was their first rounder this season, so it is nice to get an autograph of their biggest name out of the way early.  Even if they are not going to have some big names with big on-card autographs, I still like to get at least one of each in the collection, as long as they're available. I doubt there will be more names available later outside of the three draft picks I posted, but Panini surprised me with the Bass appearance. I'm optimistic, even if I might have to wait until January.

But there you have it!


  1. Wow a kicker with card. And an autograph! I do like the Chronicles cards. First I've seen them and I might have to track those down. First time seeing Score on a blog too. Love the Thomas card. Favorite of all the cards. Fun post. Thanks.

  2. I am convinced that Jake Fromm needs to do commercials for State Farm. I always think of the commercial when I see his name.