Friday 3 December 2021

Knights Cap

Back to group break land, and a hockey break where I picked up the Vegas spot for S&G. It ended up nicely for me, with a good variety of cards for the collection. The Peyton Krebs card leading off this post is a fine example, with a swatch colour only the Golden Knights can provide.

A box of 2017-18 Series 2 brought me Fleury updates in both regular and retro format. Twice the mask binder content!
Being that he was born in Vegas, his cards make an interesting addition to team sets in 20-21 releases.
I wonder if he ever imagined he'd get cards for himself playing for a team in his hometown while he was growing up. 
The SPX box was really good for the Vegas spot. 4 cards, with two of them giving me autographs. 
Metal Universe and Allure were also really nice for me, as those boxes only promise one autograph, with both of them going towards the Knights spot. This break turned me into a Shea Theodore super-collector. 
The best of both worlds! A partially golden swatch, along with an on-card auto. A nice way for another notable Karlsson to enter the binders. 
And what better way to end this than a 1/1?

Well, there was a randomizer at the end of the break, and I ended up with a hobby box of 20-21 Allure as well. I wasn't planning on breaking any of that product, but a bonus box is a bonus box, and I'll show off some of those next time.

There you have it!

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  1. Wow, great break for you! As usual I love the mix of designs and you can't beat a sick patch/auto combo AND a plate! AND a bonus box?