Monday 6 December 2021

2021 Adventures in Repacks Part 47.1 - Week of 20+1s - Basketball

 As I work my way through the old repacks before I get to a new one, here's the content from 4 straight hangers that promise a hit alongside 20 others.

Basketball is up first!
While you purchase Prizm for the shiny factor, not the photography factor, there's still some real nice stuff to be found within, as we take a closer look at the opening card.

Even though I've certainly got more than one of those Lowry cards already, it is always nice to find Raptors content in these. It is also nice to find envelope fatteners for a future Ann Arbor mailer as well.

And the hit pops out early! A relic that thankfully came from before Gobert's status as the NBA's Patient Zero. 

And we are returning to the base. That Karl Malone really screams 'mid 90's' with the design, and Nate McMillan's entry really gives a perfect court-length view of the action. 
The Sam Vincent card has an interesting story behind it. It was a replacement for one from the first printings of 1990 Hoops, one that featured an odd cameo. That earlier card with Jordan was a photo that was taken on 2/14/90, so of course that qualified it for the 2/14 collection. In something that is even more amazing, should you want to add a 1990 Hoops of Sam Vincent to your collection via COMC, the card pictured here would cost you more. 

Aside from that, there's also one of my favourite background choices when the usual background is wiped - the team's logo. And there's even more court-length photos here.

More foil action on the final card, with someone who is better known for having a heated gaming moment. Ouch.

There you have it!


  1. The Gobert swatch wins it. Karl Malone and Mark Aguirre get honorable mentions.

    The one without Jordan is worth more? That's weird. I guess there are less of it. But still.

  2. I know that a lot has changed in recent years, but I will never understand people paying multiple dollars for either of Sam Vincent's 1990-91 Hoops cards.