Saturday 25 December 2021

Christmas Chronicles

 I was originally going to show off the contents of one of the hobby boxes I had of this, but I'm lazy. So you get this:

Yet, this worked out quite nicely for both overall contents, and one of my PCs.

Pretty blah for the first card out, but Score's still a solid design, and it does allow me to flashback to my best pull of 2021.

If this were Bowman, I'd call these the paper base cards. That works just fine here as well. I'm automatically going to like any 2021 release that features cardboard fans looking on. 

Here's the one-per hanger America's Pastime card.

Now, the collation gets interesting, as a pair of Trevor Story cards appear back-to-back. Gold Standard's baseball debut is my favourite design among these newer base cards. 

Mets content! WOO-HOO!

2/14 content! WOO-HOO! This pulsar entry becomes my 12th card of the 2/14 collection newcomer, who only debuted in the binders a little less than 2 months ago.

Plus, pack-pulled additions to that collection are always the most fun.

Something chrome-y, something shiny. 

Mickey Mantle is a solid way to end a  pack.

Even better when it is a /50 parallel.

There you have it!

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