Monday 13 December 2021

LCS Mets

 Just some miscellaneous Mets cards pulled from the quarter boxes at the LCS.

They were all base cards, except for this one, which was the Class 3 parallel out of Gold Label. There won't be a lot of cards in this post, but there's gonna be a lot of Lindor.
Such as on some content out of my beloved Chronicles, with a fairly obvious Spring Training photo making a couple of acetate appearances on Clearly Donruss and Magnitude cards. I guess these might or might not be base cards, depending on how you view a release like Chronicles. But they're about as base as you'll get for these.
At least I get a nice look at a couple of the Seaver memorial patches to go with these two. Whether or not this is one of my last Conforto cards where he's on the Mets remains to be seen.
Here's some Archives action. I know I won't be seeing too many more of Baez in Mets colours, so at least I can be happy that he got one in the 1991 design. 

There you have it!

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  1. That Archives Baez is a terrific card, one of my favorites from this year's set.