Saturday 18 December 2021

Debuting 2/14ers

Courtesy of my latest COMC mailer, here's the newest 2/14 guys in the collection.
All but this card is from a recent release, this one was the exception. Tim Budy would see two cards over his career, this AHL entry, alongside a release from Europe.  Any cards count for the 2/14 collection!
While it really doesn't have the volume of other sports, the number of players that I have one or two cards of has made it so that all the soccer content has moved from the miscellaneous portion of both my binders and the spreadsheet into its own portion of them. Matteo Lovato, on a release from a soccer version of my beloved Chronicles, joins that on a Purple Astro card.
The only thing better than debuting with one card is debuting with two cards. Braxton Key hasn't played in the NBA yet, but he's in the G-League with the Delaware Blue Coats, the 76ers affiliate, and he's helping them to a  very impressive 11-1 record so far. It may not be the most legible signature, but at least there's something more to it than just initials, so that's also nice. The Prizm card is a Choice Red parallel, and it is /88.
And here's a 2/14 guy with some NBA experience, albeit just a handful of minutes/games worth so far. He was undrafted, but plays for the Mavericks. So, with apologies to one of my regular trading partners in Portland, I'll be hanging on to his cards for the time being. But now I've got someone to look for once NBA releases drop, something I haven't been able to do for active players, as the last active player with cards was Byron Mullens, since his career had ended before I started this mini-collection. Omoruyi debuts a Red /99 parallel.

There you have it!

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  1. I'm always glad to have more 2/14s to chase for you! Nice group here.