Sunday, 13 March 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 10 - Preparing For a Hobby Box Week

I did my semi-regular cashing in of my COMC credit for some wax from blowout cards. So, to prepare some mid range hobby boxes, here's a Dollarama Surprise bag.

Here were the contents:
And the contents of those contents:
When you have to highlight a card from Pro Set, it might as well be the awesomely-named Zarley Zalapski.
90's pack screams 'junk wax' and it delivered cards from that era. The Shtalenkov card is pretty nice though, but I have a more interesting one of his in my COMC to be posted container that will be shown off at a later date. Given that I still haven't shown off Black Friday cards from 2014.
The Superstar pack was more interesting. Emerald parallel. A nice mask, and a French base card. I hope that Parise is considered the Superstar as opposed to Stempniak.
And the franchise pack landed me a quartet of cards for my secondary favourite teams. There's also my first card from that Shooting Stars insert set, so I can claim that as well.

And there's the repack. Tomorrow, I start showing off 5 days worth of hobby box goodies.


  1. I have a friend who named his dog Zarley after the hockey player!

  2. The might have produced more 90/91 Pro Set hockey than any other hockey product in the history of the hobby... but I still really appreciate the cool design.