Sunday, 6 March 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 9.2 - Flagship Free Topps

6 packs left, all different. So, in order to make tomorrow's post an awkward combination of 91 Donruss and 04 Upper Deck, let's wrap up the Topps portion of it.
Opening up with a pack of Opening Day, and it probably is my favourite of the packs in this portion of the repack. Shiny card and a mascot in the same pack?! Yes!
I busted so much of this stuff to build the set, it is fun to take a look at these for the first time in a bit. And notice things in the process, such as the colourful scoreboard ads on the Jimmy Rollins,
I'm hoping that Josh Donaldson's catch from last year into the Tampa stands makes its way into Glove Stories 2016. For a set where the base photos can be really basic sometimes, the ball coming right at the camera on the Walker is pretty nice.
And Ginter to wrap things up. And if you ask why I have the Fields of Yore card scanned in a proper horizontal manner, but not the Balfour, I have an answer for you.

I'm an idiot.

How's that for an answer.

One more post to wrap this long-ago purchased and buster repack up tomorrow.

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