Wednesday, 30 March 2016

So Much For the No-Trade Clause

I thought that the Kevin Durant auto that was redeemed a few weeks ago would be a keeper card. But, then the opportunity to acquire one of my dream autographed cards came up, and I had to make the trade to get it. I mean Durant is a superstar currently, but he's not a name that comes up when it comes to the greatest of all time. Unlike this legend:
Do I care that this is a stickergraph? Nope. So was the Durant.

Do I care that he's a coach and not a player? Nope. He earned a couple of his 11 rings in Boston as a player/coach, so that's not a factor either.

It is a perfect addition to my Celtics autograph collection, and I love it. It joins Bird, Parish and McHale as those checked off my dream wantlist, and it leaves only Paul Pierce to wrap things up.


  1. Let's see - Durant or Russell?

    I think you did just fine giving up the Durant. Sticker or not, I would go with Russell without thinking.

  2. Durant or Russell... hard to go wrong with either guy. But going with the basketball legend was definitely the safest route. Great trade.

  3. That was a huge upgrade. Russell will always be a legend. Jury is still out on Durant.

  4. Who trades an autograph of the greatest basketball player of all time, for Kevin Durant?

    1. That was my thought exactly. That's one heck of a trade right there. Nicely done.

  5. I have a Paul Pierce auto. Will send it your way next month.