Sunday, 20 March 2016

Opening Day!

Time for the new stuff! I'll probably bust a box of this if I find one at the Expo in a few weeks. But, if I have to limit myself to these three packs, I'll still be pretty happy with it.
Pack #1:
Jacob DeGrom - Starting with a Mets card as my first of the product is always a good thing.
Roberto Osuna - And the only way it could be better is to have it followed up with a Blue Jays card.
Jacoby Ellsbury
Miguel Cabrera - This is an Opening Day Edition parallel. Not numbered, they fall at a rate of 1:7 packs.
Derek Norris - Superstar Celebrations - A Met. A Blue Jay. A 2/14 card.  What a great pack! This is also a definite contender for the Derek Norris representation when I do my best 2/14 cards from the past year of releases in 11 months. Although having seen his base card in Opening Day/Series 2, it will be a close competition.
Yasmani Grandal
Tom Murphy

Pack #2:
Ian Kinsler - Not a PC card, but still a nice photo that works nicely both horizontally and with the smoky corners.
Mookie Betts
Nolan Arenado - A very Rockies insert portion to this pack.
Robbie Ray
Kolten Wong - A rather out of control slide.
Mike Foltynewicz

Pack #3:
Jose Bautista - Bat flip! 'nuff said!
Steven Matz - And to invert the first pack, it is followed with a Mets card. I think I prefer this pairing to the first.
Kyle Seager
Albert Pujols - Striking Distance - An insert set saluting players that are closing in on milestones.
Hector Santigo
Matt Adams
Chris Tillman

I have no complaints about this product, although my sunny view might be influenced by hitting some nice PC cards. Maybe if I pick up a box from the Expo and it doesn't produce a complete base set, I'll be more hostile.

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  1. Are the Opening Day Stars cards just normal stock now?