Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Obligatory Heritage Post

I'm not going full in this year for Heritage, but will at least sample a couple packs of it from the LCS.

And these were the packs.
My first card out is really the only card in the bunch that was a keeper for me. Primarily because the one guy is named Socrates. That's a sign that the packs really didn't hit much for me.
Here's the rest of the first pack. All of which, except for the dual card, will go into my Super Traders box.
And ditto for these. I guess the scenery behind LaRoche makes that the best of this bunch. Either that or the manager card. 
But at least I know a Super Trading Dimwit that would enjoy this gum-stained back on the Giles. 

And that's all the Heritage I'm busting this year. Aside from a few PC additions, I can't see myself adding anything beyond these.

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