Thursday 31 March 2016

Of Pipers and Colonels

Outgoing Mail Alert! Do these zip codes seem familiar? If so, expect a PWE or small bubbler shortly.


I've been on a bit of a defunct/relocated team basketball kick lately. Let's see what the latest COMC storm blew in.
First up, a card from this year's Prestige release. I opted for this one, since, in spite of Artis' hand being in the way, it does feature the clearest view of the old Kentucky Colonels logo. So much greatness in it. The dog. The hat. The beard. The horseshoe. 70's basketball logos were spectacular.
There really are no cards on COMC that featured a nice look at the Spirits of St. Louis logo. However, since there is very little difference in terms of what is on the jersey and the actual logo, this will do just fine. In retrospect, there were other cards from the 70s that did feature the logo nicely, but I opted for this since it was the least expensive of the lot.
Back to 2011 Threads for the last two. With Connie Hawkins' card, you get a really nice look at the jersey, which is so much nicer than the bland logo on the back of the card. There was another Pipers card at COMC with a more bagpiper logo on it, but it was more expensive than this one from Threads. The Pipers only appearance on cards was those of Hawkins, and all from releases in the past decade. One of the things I really like about Panini is their usage of their license to highlight forgotten teams.

As for poor Spencer Haywood, his card might be going into the binder backwards.
Since I'm too cheap to spring for this logo sticker, the back of the card might be my only chance to highlight their logo.


  1. Man this post almost makes me want to collect basketball cards, and that's saying something.

  2. Agreed, I don't collect basketball put these cards are super cool and funky!

  3. Love me some retro logos and short shorts!