Saturday, 26 March 2016

More Trade Goodies! Baseball from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams.

This most recent bubbler will have to be split into two posts. If not three. It was jam-packed full of hits, but most of them were in the other 3 main team sports. Those should appear tomorrow. Still, there was some baseball goodies to go alongside a bunch of team binder cards.
A sticker preview of the teams represented in the envelope.
And leading with the Expos content. Lots of Alou. Lots of Martinezes.
And a little bit of Vlad as well. A card that is only 1/3 Vlad is still Vlad enough for the binder.
How did I not already have this Ed Kranepool? It is a famous Met and a different photo than most of the ones in my collection. How did I not have this!?
Not as many Mets base cards, but still a couple of nice Oleruds.
And the first of the baseball hits. And the manu-helmet makes this card thick enough to use as impromptu brass knuckles.
And here's some Blue Jays cards, running the gamut from the early days of the team, to Sportflics to shiny cards. A nice mix.
To wrap up the baseball portion of this, an autograph for my Blue Jays collection. Considering that Tony spent 4 different stints in Toronto, his autograph is a great addition to my collection.

There's one part of the trade, with more to come!

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