Tuesday, 29 March 2016

PWE Chronicles

I thought today would be a repack day. And then, coming off 4 days with no mail delivery, I got 5 different envelopes today. One was jammed full of goodies that will need a post of their own. One was a bubbler with a card that really deserves a post of its own. 2 were PWEs and the final was another, less awesome, one-card bubbler. With one more PWE still waiting a post, I figured to knock 4 packages off the mail list in one go.
First, the one-card envelope. This was a redemption from Panini. Not a major name at all, but still nice to get a redemption come through that expired almost four years ago (4-27-2012).
 Second up, a PWE via a zistle trade with stevenlpearson that completed my 2015 set build. Both really nice looking cards, photo-wise, of defensive stars as well.
Envelope #3 showed up about a week ago, containing cards from Brian @ Play at the Plate. A nice numbered Wright starts it off, and any Mets card with classic pinstripes is a nice one.
Only 3 more Mets in the package. But, with one being a sticker, one being Chrome and one being acetate, that's an interesting variety!
And to wrap this PWE up: Bills, Bills Bills! The Flutie is a nice garish example of Pacific issues, and it is easily my favourite in this group.

Finally, a PWE from one of the three people I can send extra Bills to, Mark @ This Way To The Clubhouse.
The envelope bragged about a nice Senators card within, and it certainly was, as I added my first Dominek Hasek hit to my Sens binder. The photo is also from a photoshoot that took place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. One of those base cards was on my list when I did my top 50 Senators cards, so it is nice to revisit this with the relic.
And then to wrap this up, a nice selection of Blue Jays cards. The Reyes actually works nice enough to not notice the lack of logos. I like how the faded background on Donaldson makes it seem like he's playing baseball outside a storage unit.

And there you have it! Four trade envelopes in one post. I've already started reloading for Mark @ TWTC, and Brian @ PATP has a PWE waiting for me to swing by a post office now that they've re-opened after Easter.

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