Tuesday 5 April 2016

Some Sportlots

Time to catch up with yet another envelope that showed up, this one containing some hockey cards.
This is one of the cards that has been on my Top 10 most wanted for a good while. I finally decided to order some cards from a dealer that had this one in their inventory. A simple design, but I love when the background is the team logo.
And one nice Alfie certainly deserves 9 more. It is always fun when there is a competition for the most abrasively loud item in the group. I give the Heads Up one the edge based on the background, but the random sparkles on the sticker make it closer than you'd think.
I had no idea these acetate inserts existed until it came up during COMC challenges.
Sean Hill acts as the perfect segue from Senators card to 2/14 cards.
Dang, there are a lot of Pacific cards in this post. This is the 5th so far.
And they I double it to 10 Pacific cards with them comprising 5 of the 7 new Milan Hejduks in my 2/14 collection. He closes the gap between 1st and 2nd overall with my 109th card of him being in this post. Marian Gaborik still leads with 113 cards, though. The hockey total is at 492, and will most certainly pass the 500 mark this weekend with cards from the Expo.

More mail bag goodies in tomorrow's post!

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  1. Love the Against the Glass card! Never seen those before.