Thursday 7 April 2016

A quick envelope

The Expo is tomorrow, and I'm not feeling my most verbose self. So, I must be brief as I post cards from the latest #supertraders envelope that has shown up. This one came from Brett @ Cooperstown Exit 3:16, who can rest assured that despite the fact I haven't been too wordy here, I'll still be looking for Sabres hits tomorrow. Or perhaps a Dan Bouchard auto.

And now, the envelope's hit:
I've got to be close to assembling my own Reyes jersey by this point.

And a scanner bed worth of more Mets:
While the parallels are nice, I'm happiest to fit the Edgardo Alfonzo card into my binders, since it was one of the random early 00s Mets cards that was on my zistle wantlist. This is the latest one to drop off the list unexpectedly.

And there you have it. See you in about 25 hours when I'm dead to the world.

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