Saturday, 16 April 2016

Expo Recap - Post #11 - The Final Singles

I've almost put the Expo behind me, but still have a few things to show off.
First up, this card of Mike Amodeo from the one-and-done WHA Ottawa Nationals. This card might feature the creepiest facial hair ever on cardboard. That smile only appears in two places. Porn and your nightmares. It is up there with Chris Knapp in terms of haunting-ness.

Sleep tightly!
How did I not already have this base card of Alfredsson in my collection before the Expo?
Since I really can't have enough cards of guys named Shoebottom. OK. He's the only guy named Shoebottom with a card.
Here's a nice shiny Mike Liut offering proof you don't need to have an evil-looking paint job on your mask for it to be pants-crappingly terrifying.
About a year ago, this Mike Van Ryn would be on the way to Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams. Today, this goes into my Rangers alum collection, as he just wrapped up his first season as bench boss for the Kitchener Rangers.
Van Ryn segues perfectly into these two new autograph for that binder. Evan McGrath has been playing overseas the past several years, but he was still part of the Memorial Cup winning team in his first year in town. Max Iafrate (Al's son) finished his OHL run one year ago, and is now playing in the Canadian University system.
I really want Ted Nolan to write a book someday. That's just because the chapters devoted to his time in Buffalo will probably just be loaded with language that would offend motorcycle gangs.
Screw you, depression.
I can't really end on a downer of a card like that, so time to pick things up with an autograph of Pokey Reddick. If you're going to have an auto of a guy nmed Pokey in your collection, you can't go wrong with choosing Reddick over Reese. If you still need a tie-breaker, he also wins the real name battle, since Eldon > Calvin.

Tomorrow, Opening Day!


  1. That Liut is awesome. Also love the card you led off with (despite the scary smile). Always been a fan of those '72-73 high number OPC WHAs.

  2. Wow, I somehow totally forgot about Van Ryn and don't have a hit of him yet--I'll definitely grab one in my next COMC package! I also didn't realize he was coaching, very cool!

  3. The Ewen story is sad. He only played one season in SJ... but I remember him getting into a few fights.

  4. WHA cards are the best. I'm considering putting together all the WHA OPC sets at some point.

    That Mike Luit card is great too! Can't go wrong with a former Cincinnati Stinger!