Sunday 24 April 2016

P-Town Tom Goes Mets Crazy

As he drops a box stuffed fill with (almost all) Mets. The best thing about getting Mets cards via #Supertraders is that I can add a bunch of new Mets cards to my binders, but I can take the dupes and send them on the Way To The Clubhouse, which is what happened with some of the cards in the package.
Starting with the only card I knew would be coming my way, seeing it came on a pack he busted from the Walmart Marketside promo. I don't think I've even seen Marketside at any Walmart on this side of the border, so this was a really welcome addition to my Mets collection.
Some more oddballs here with cards from Cardtoons. Until I got the Pete Harnisch^H^H^H^H Harness card in here, I'd completely forgotten that Harnisch spent some time with the Mets in the mid 90s. Although I really try to block out that era from my memory as best I can. Except for Rico Brogna related things.
I guess the first of these David Wright items is kind of a Cardtoon like item as well.
Only one new Delgado in the package, but it was a new one, and a Walmart card as well.
Back to 1976 for the oldest cards in the package, with these SSPCs of Robert Gallagher and Jack Heidemann.
But old time-y Mets were still present as well, albeit in the form of newer releases.
Future Mets!
And some patriotic cards of a current Met!
While these aren't official certified autographs, I'm still adding them to my hits collection. Sewald is at the AAA level with the Mets in Las Vegas, while Koch is now in the Arizona system.
And the final card is the only non-Mets card in the collection. Fortunately, it will still find a home in my Blue Jays collection, since the Fisher Cats were their AA affiliate.

And there you have it! I'm caught up on mailings!

Or so I thought when I wrote this.

Then I got a jaybarkerfan bomb dropped on me. And that will take at least 4-5 posts to go through.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. I opened a pack of Heritage some time back and saw D'Arnaud's name and just assumed the Fisher Cats were an affiliate of the Mets. Sorry!
    Oh, and those jaybarkerfan packages are not to be taken lightly! Good luck sifting through that bad boy!

  2. Fisher Cats are one of the best nicknames in baseball!