Friday 22 April 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 15.2 - Another 16 Pack Hockey Repack

12 packs left. What gets posted today? Let make the decision:


So, that works out to these packs:
Lower end stuff mainly, but that makes more chances of hitting something interesting in terms of base and PC cards.
Not too much interesting in the newer of the Score pack. The photo on the Souray is kinda neat, though.
MVP did a little better in terms of adding cards to my PC, with two mask cards and a Rangers alumni with Steve Downie.
Junk wax time for pack #3. The NHL Brothers, is one I'd really like to see make a comeback as an insert set. If nothing else, the autographed/relic parallels would be interesting, especially if they did one for second generation NHLers.
The Artifacts pack still had its hanger tab attached to it, so I really wasn't planning on getting any sort of hit out of that. I didn't, but this did land me my second card of a 2/14 baby from this break. This is card #115 of Marian Gaborik in the binder. To contrast, yesterday's Brandon Sutter put him at 46. Along with two new cards for the mask collection, this turned out pretty nicely for a pack I wasn't expecting anything big from.

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