Monday 18 April 2016

The $15 3200 Count Box - Part 1

As I showed you at the conclusion of yesterday's post, I made somewhat of a voluminous acquisition at the Expo, grabbing a 3200 count box filled with baseball content for 15 dollars. I can't really show everything unless I wanted to devote a month of posts to the contents of the box, but I can still show off some of the goods in brief. Some will likely get a post of their own as things go on, some you'll have read about other #supertraders blogs in a month or three.

The box contained 1 complete set, and I now own a complete 200 card set of the die-cut version of 1995 SP Championship series. This did include the Derek Jeter #20 base card, which goes for between 5-10 bucks depending on the sites I searched (sportlots,  ebay, COMC). That set should be enough to get a post of its own.

There were two almost-complete sets in the box as well, as I added the base set of Series 1 Upper Deck from 2006 and 2009. The only cards I needed to complete this set were the Colorado Rockies base cards. All other cards were there. While it really isn't a priority, I will likely add them at a later date to finish the set.

Of interest to my other blog, the box had over 100 of the silver signature parallels from 1994 Upper Deck Collector's Choice. I'll be showing them off as I get to them, which at this rate will probably be finished around 2023. But I now have over 150 of these parallels.

There were also about 80 1995 silver signature parallels, and a dozen golds.

And that's just the easily grouped stuff that I'm keeping. The #supertraders can be on the look out for some of these showing up in future mailers.

Approx. 65 1992 Gold Leaf
Approx 150 1994 Donruss
Approx 200 1993 Fleer Ultra Series 1
Approx 200 1992 Donruss
And about 300 other cards (1993 Topps, 1993 Flair, 1993 UD Fun and more)

As of now, I've only extracted some of the Cleveland cards from the 300, a portion of which can be seen here.

So, while it wasn't 3200 cards in the box, it still worked out to less than a penny per card, a rate I approve of.

The Alomar, the Loftons and the 3d cards were all among the contents of the final miscellaneous portion. The only other content that I've partly sorted through was the Blue Jays stuff, splitting the dupes into two piles which will be split between the Card Papoy (cards already sent to Bob Walk the Plank) and OrlandoBolts, for whom I waiting for a final card to fill out that package.

That was a lot of text. So, I'll hit the box, ignoring all the Upper Deck sets and partial sets, and show off all the Mets hiding among the #supertrader cards.
The miscellaneous portion didn't hide too much. There were 3 cards from 1993 Topps. But it is always nice to add a new card of El Sid.
The only other misc card was the only Gold Rush card in the box. I had no idea who Jonathan Hurst was, but he apparently spent a month with the Mets in April of 1994, and finished with a Mets-esque 12.60 ERA over 10 innings.
The Mets among the Donruss were a little less obscure.
The 1993 Ultra don't scan as nicely as I'd hope, due to the foil names. Still, there's Anthony Young lurking in this group, who is still the most Mets pitcher ever.
Young is also in this group of 1994 Donruss cards, but I really like the Bobby Jones for two reasons. Firstly, they have the Rated Rookie tag attached to a player who looks to be about 40 in that picture.
And the photo on the back is pretty nice as well.
Finally, the Gold Leaf parallels brought 4 new cards to my collection, most notably Junior Noboa, who was this post's most obvious candidate for "He was a Met?". Nice photo on the Gallagher as well.

Up next, the more extensive Expos content.


  1. The silver sigs alone was worth the price, nice stuff!

  2. Nice score, what Rockies cards do you need to finish off the the set, can see if I can help you out there.

  3. I dug those 93 Ultra and 94 DonRuss sets back in the day.
    Great looking cards