Friday 15 April 2016

Expo Recap - Post #10 - Some of this, some of that

Just the hockey miscellany left to go after this post!
When I said that the Norman Powell auto was the only basketball card I picked up at the show, I lied. More accurately, I forgot about this Celtics auto I added as well. Mickey was a second-rounder who spent much of the past season in the D-League.
Over to baseball, and this seems like the only place that I can show off 3 new Mets out of this year's Heritage. I wanted the Terry Collins and Bartolo Colon as well, but I couldn't find those. Still, this is my first Asdrubal Mets card, in all its photoshopped glory.
Staying with Heritage, but going back a few years is this card. I love oddball relic items. While a piece of a stadium seat isn't quite on par with some of my additions (mascot fur, Santa hats), it still is oddball enough to make my collection.
And to wrap up the baseball acquisitions, one from a rather interesting autograph subject. Charboneau is one of the better examples of a sophomore jinx, going from rookie of the year to being out of MLB within a few years. But it is nice to add something a little different to my hits collection. He does have a nice signature, but unfortunately it is shortened because it is a sticker.

And with this post, only hockey remains to be posted. Then the box od '16 Opening Day. And then, something else.

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  1. Really like the Burdette card. That Charboneau is pretty neat and obscure.