Wednesday 22 January 2014

A dime-boxy PWE

I've been dropping PWEs onto Nick @ Dime Boxes with some level of regularity. It's only right that one of them get sent my way in return. 4 cards is just the perfect fit for a PWE, and they were all nice vintage-y Mets.

Might as well start with my favourite of the bunch. 1971 is filled with interesting photos, and with this being one of them, it's an easy choice for my fave of the bunch. While it doesn't quite reach the level of Bud Harrelson's play at second or Art Shamsky on an inside pitch. But it is still a great addition to my Mets collection, and it is someone who was a key part of the Amazing Mets of '69. Thanks, Nick, for this beauty.
My first 1964 Mets card! WOO-HOO! I think I only need one from '63, '66 and '67 to get at least one from each year in the Mets first 20 years.
And to wrap it up, a pair of 1975 minis! With that being my birth year, I finally put together a team set from the Mets from that year. Now, I'm tempted to do the same with minis. I should probably have a nap now before I get the temptation to actually do this.

Thanks for the PWE, Nick! I await the next small cardboard trade.

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  1. Glad you liked them, Douglas! It's the first of a few PWEs I plan on sending you after all the great cardboard you've generously sent my way.