Thursday 23 January 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 5.1

And now, the 50 card portion of the repack.

Well, actually the 51 card portion, as I'll lead with the bonus item.

Minis are always welcome as a bonus item. It's still not on par with the George Scott hostess card, but a mini is always welcome in my collection, especially when it's from a set I didn't buy packs of at the time.

And now, let's open the 50 card-box.

1991 Toys 'R' Us Greg Vaughn - Oddballs are always a fun way to open a package.
1989 All-Star Glossy Willie Stargell - I don't think I ever pulled a single one of the All-Star glossies from anything prior to coming across Fairfield repacks. Now, I can't open one of their repacks without ending up with several of them. In this case, it's a pretty nice one.
1990 All-Star Glossy Carl Yastrzemski
1990 All-Star Glossy Kevin Mitchell
1990 All-Star Glossy Eric Davis
1990 All-Star Glossy Benny Santiago
1990 All-Star Glossy Wade Boggs
2010 Topps Jon Lester
2012 Topps Nate Schierholtz
2012 Topps Josh Reddick - More 2012 Topps base celebration cards that aren't SPs. Be still my heart.
2011 Bowman Gold Wade Davis
2009 A&G Jeremy Bonderman - I don't think I've ever pulled a Ginter card from one of these. First time for everything, even though seems more relaxed than intense during his pitching process.
2009 UD Ryan Franklin
2010 Topps Matt LaPorta
1986 Donruss The Rookies Bip Roberts - BIPPED! By a pre-rookie Bip. Or a Bip XRC. Either way, this Bip is my first 1986 card of his.
1988 Fleer Rafael Belliard
1986 Topps Bud Black - How much blue can one fit on a single card?
1986 Topps Ozzie Virgil
1986 Topps Andre Thornton
1990 Donruss Juan Agosto
1992 Pinnacle Check Finley
2007 Fleer Alvin Colina - I had no idea who Alvin Colina was. I was just interested in how this card was set up with the blue background. Turns out I'd pulled one of his cards out of a dime box not that long ago. He's got 10 cards at COMC, which feature 4 different images. And I've posted two of them.
1993 Fleer Dave Martinez
1992 Pinnacle Scott Servais
1988 Donruss Mike Felder
2001 Topps Mark Grudzielanek - One of my favourite names.
1991 Topps Kevin Seitzer
1988 Donruss Steve Jeltz
1987 Donruss Roy Smalley
1987 Donruss Don Robinson
1991 Score Ken Griffey Sr.
1989 Score Traded Chris James
1993 UD Hipolito Pichardo
1989 Donruss Brook Jacoby
1989 Donruss Tom Bolton
1988 Donruss Greg Mathews
1993 Donruss Greg Hibbard
1993 UD White Sox Checklist - Robin Ventura - Sketch cards are always keepers.
1989 Donruss Deniis Rasmussen
1989 Donruss Bob Brower
1992 Score Lance Blankenship - 2 of my favourite last names in this same repack.  Grudzielanek. Blankenship. All it needed was an appearance of Hiram Bocachica.
1987 Topps Sid Bream
1987 Topps Toby Harrah
1992 Fleer Storm Davis
1990 Classic Jose Offerman - Jose's daughter is now a WWE diva, wrestling under the name Jojo. Considering his name autocompletes with "bat attack", I await his run-in during one of her matches. Criminy, the "Post-USA major leagues" portion of his wikipedia
1993 Donruss John Patterson
2010 Topps Neil Walker - Play. At. The...third base bag.
2010 Topps Daniel Hudson
1987 Topps All-Star Wade Boggs
1989 Topps All-Star Gary Carter - And to wrap this up, the only Met from the repack portion of the repack.

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  1. I was just looking at that Topps Josh Reddick celebration card a few minutes a ago while I collated my set.