Friday 10 January 2014

COMC Black Friday Goodies - Part #7 - Hey, big spender!

I think most of my cards picked up that day were $1.00 or less. Maybe a couple SPs from Archives fell into the $1-$2 range, and they were on the lower part of that spectrum.

2 of them actually surpassed the $3.00 mark. Both were autographed cards, and today is as good as any to show them off.

One of my favourite nicknames starts off the big spender portion of the set. Sleepy Floyd! It's a sticker, but I admire that he was able to squeeze both his first name and his nickname onto it. The penmanship isn't that bad either. All I need now is for there to be a certified auto of Bimbo Coles auto to hit the market.
A legendary Met. A legendary photo. What more could I want on a piece of cardboard? How about an on-card signature as well? Perfect!

Not  a bad couple of cards to really assault my wallet with.


  1. Man I am REALLY tempted to go find myself a copy of that Kranepool card, that is absolutely fantastic.

  2. I love that Kranepool card. I used my copy as a Thanksgiving post in 2011.