Monday 13 January 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 3

This time, a repack from the flea market. $4 for about 50-60 cards, mainly base from recent mid-range sets.

Opening up, the visible card at the top. Although I'm not building the set, I've been on the lookout for cards from the set and this was one of them. The only difference is I get a bunch more cards alongside it, including a good # of keepers.
A Marian Gaborik card that I didn't have until now. It my 47th Gaborik card in my 2/14 binder, and my 585th overall.
WOO-HOO! A new member of my Kitchener Rangers alumni collection. I'd rather have seen him in a Flames uniform, but this is fine too.
A double diamond card. In all its SP'd glory. These Black Diamond base cards never scan well, but because they don't completely eliminate the background, and still allows the featured player to shine through.
It may not be the Harold Snepsts level of obscurity, but it is a nice surprise to see Jacques Lemaire in the base set.
WOW! Any appearance of Gretzky is great, but an early 80s appearance is even better! A great addition to my early 80s collection. Easily my favourite card of the pack. I don't care about the Beckett value, but this card definitely gave me my money's worth.
And here's the visible card on the other side of the repack. One of several on their way into the masks binder.

No complaints here! I love repacks!

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