Tuesday 21 January 2014

Just One Pack - 2013 Bowman Draft Jumbo

While at the LCS on Saturday to grab some free packs on National Hockey Card Day, I also picked up 2 packs of Bowman Draft - 1 jumbo, 1 hobby. I didn't pull any autos from either of them, but still got some nice cards from each pack.

Starting with the jumbo today.

Joc Pederson
Nathan Karns

Jose Fernandez - There seem to be three main sets in this. The overall main set is a 40 card rookie set, of which this one and the Karns comes from. There's a Top Prospects minor league set, which has 45, and a 2013 Draft set of 130 cards. Man, this would be annoying to collate together.
Ian Stiffler - And the most obvious photoshopping in this pack goes to this one. Unless the Braves only provided novelty jerseys to their draft picks. Bad as this is, tomorrow I might have an even worse example.
Casey Meisner - WOO-HOO! A Met! This was the only Met I pulled. At least was one more than the # of Blue Jays I pulled.
Tom Windle
Ian Clarkin
Carlos Correa - Probably the best prospect in this pack.

Preston Tucker - Back-to-back Astros! Seriously, Daily Dimwit, this happened!
Niko Spezial
Randolph Gassaway
Nelson Molina

Dylan Manwaring - The best thing about this was seeing a last name that was familiar from the junk wax era and wondering if there was any relation. In this case, yes, he is the son of Kirt Manwaring.
Josh Phegley
Stephen Negron (Chrome)

Rock Shoulders (Breakouts) - Best name in the pack. Maybe the best name ever.
Kris Bryant/Colin Moran (Draft Picks)
Anthony Rendon (Refractor) - Shiny!
Todd Helton (Refractor) - All shiny and reprint-y as well!
Kolten Wong (Chrome)
Tyler Skaggs (Chrome)
Orrin Sears
Juan Avila
Phil Ervin
Archie Bradley
Daniel Vogelbach
Nick Franklin
Robert Kaminsky
Stephen Gonsalves - Sure, these might be dull. But at least they don't appear to be laughably photoshopped.
Jake Sweaney
Gosuke Katoh - A pretty hyped prospect to wrap up the scans portion of this post.
Blake Taylor

Money's worth? Maybe? But it is fun to look at people making their cardboard debut.


  1. If there are Breakouts on those Shoulders, someone is getting a drug test! It is a terrible joke, but I had to get it out there once it popped into my head.

  2. I recently purchased the whole set on eBay and I have to say that the photoshopping throughout is dreadfully lazy. Some of the photos even look like they were taken from newspaper clippings and then photoshopped. I will not be buying anymore Bowman. This is coming from the guy that has defended Bowman over the last few years, but no more!