Monday 20 January 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 4

How about a 75 card football repack for a Monday? Or 63 cards and a pack of 2012 Topps?

Side 1

1999 Victory Barry Sanders - Visible on the front. A nice start.
2012 Sage Hit Brandon Weeden
2012 Sage Hit Cam Johnson
2012 Sage Hit George Iloka
2012 Sage Hit Brock Osweiler
 2012 Sage Hit Brock Osweiler  - 6 cards in and already a dupe. Blah.
1999 Topps Season Opener Jimmy Smith
1999 Topps Jason Elam - I always love when kickers make their appearance in sets, especially nowadays when they rarely show up. In this case, the Season Highlight is Elam setting a (then) record for longest field goal at 63 yards.
1992 UD Nick Bell
1991 Action Packed Nesby Glasgow - What a great football name.
1989 Pro Set Kyle Clifton
1989 Pro Set Mark Bavaro
1989 Pro Set Jerome Brown
1989 Topps Bill Brooks
1994 Stadium Club William Roaf - Another appearance from a position you don't see a lot of in today's sets - a tackle. Roaf put together a great career, and was part of the Hall of Fame's 2012 Class.
1991 Bowman Keith Jackson
1992 UD Ferrell Edmunds
1998 UD Wayne Chrebet - A name I remember hearing a lot of back in the day (usually in the process of torching the Bills).
2004 SP Authentic David Carr
1998 UD Charlie Garner - An interesting horizontal card that works nicely with the design and picture.
1995 Playoff Jay Novacek
1991 Topps Stephone Paige
1995 Playoff Brent Jones
1992 Ultra Reyna Thompson
2006 Leaf Certified Corey Dillon
1994 Topps Darryl Ashmore
1990 Fleer Stars & Stripes Jerry Ball
1991 UD Jeff Herrod
1992 Fleer Haywood Jeffries
1990 Score Darrin Nelson
1979 Topps Ike Harris - Random vintage! WOO-HOO!
2011 SPA Allen Bailey
2009 UD Football Heroes Don Maynard - The third HOFer on this side. Not bad.
2008 UD Fred Taylor
2010 Topps Steven Jackson - To wrap this up, the visible card on the reverse of the pack.

Side 2

2000 Playoff Absolute Drew Bledsoe - And the first card visible on the other side. And the reason I got this repack, a new Drew for the 2-14 binder.
2007 Score Joe Thomas
2006 Score Jay Cutler
2009 UD Rookie Premiere Shonn Greene
2010 Score Anthony Dixon
2009 Score DeSean Jackson - The promised 5 rookie cards. Actually, a couple of good names in this bunch.
1990 Pro Set John Grimsley
1990 Pro Set Larry Kelm
1992 Topps Chris Gardocki
1991 Pro Set - World League Forms
1993 UD Emmitt Smith
2000 Skybox Charlie Garner
1991 UD Deion Sanders Team CL
1988 Topps Jay Hilgenberg
2001 UD James Allen
1994 Ultra Andre Collins
1994 Playoff Marshall Faulk - This might be the worst conditioned card I've ever pulled from one of these.
1992 Classic Mark D'Onofrio
1998 Collector's Edge Marcus Nash
1996 Skybox Christian Fauria
2006 UD Legends Gerald Riggs
1990 Pro Set Patrick Allen
1993 Stad. Club Donald Evans
1993 Stad. Club Nate Lewis
1989 Topps Traded Ron Brown
1991 Pro Line Lindy Infante
1990 Pro Set Paul Gruber
1990 Pro Set Ray Perkins
1990 Pro Set Jesse Sapolu
2008 Threads Julius Jones
Pack of 2012 Topps
Jon Baldwin
Mike Williams
Devery Henderson
Tamba Hall
Rob Gronkowski
Rex Grossman
Prolific Playmakers - Robert Griffin III - I had no idea what subset this was from, and there were no clues on the card itself. I actually had to hit COMC to learn that.
Brent Celek
Vincent Jackson
Mychal Kendricks
AJ Jenkins
Ben Tate - What a great photo. Smash mouth football shown in one card.
2008 Rookie & Stars Vernon Davis - Visible on the back of the repack.

Not a bad repack.

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