Saturday 18 January 2014

The best cards in life are free

It's Hockey Card Day in Canada (be patient America, your turn comes soon), and it was off to the LCS to grab some free cards. I also picked up a jumbo and regular pack of Bowman Draft, which will probably be posted sometime next week. With that, 2 free packs, and a hobby only card #21, which you'd get for purchasing any trading card product.
Shiny pack!
Here's the checklist. Double rookie class means double the rookies, expanding a traditional 15/16 card set to 21. It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see Hawerchuk's name on the checklist in the heroes portion.

The reverse of the card describes their QMJHL successes.

Pack #1:
WOO-HOO! A Sen! That's pretty much the card I wanted to pull from this year's set so I'm very happy with this pack. And you can't go wrong with any appearance from Bobby Orr.

Pack #2:
Yup. 2 packs right beside each other at the LCS. Both of which had the exact same content in the exact same order.

Not even Topps' collation is that bad.

At least I also grabbed this for the 2-14 collection:

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  1. The guys on the Blackhawks games the other night were talking up MacKinnon. Bad luck on the dupes.