Sunday 5 January 2014

COMC Black Friday Goodies - Part #5 - Bulldogs

If I were to pick a dog based only on aesthetics, I'd pick a bulldog. I love their build, their face, even their drool. Unfortunately, allergies limit my canine options, and I'm the proud big brother of an Airedale Terrier.

However, I can pick up bulldogs in cardboard form, and I came across a pair of them while browsing COMC on Black Friday.

Way to place your signature, Mark. In my defense, there weren't any unautographed, or NON-AUTO, for you ebay people, cards available that day. So, you get this one. At least you can still see most of the face and its markings.
I actually had this Tim Krumrie card from Pro Line Portraits on my most wanted list for a bit, and then decided to grab it on the sale date. How can you not love such a beautiful face?

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