Thursday 16 January 2014

January Show Goodies - A Buck or Two

There were really three types of cards I grabbed at the show this weekend. The first being cards from other people's wantlists. The second being hits/rookies for me. The third being a pile of cards that came from not quite a dime bin, but still a bin where was able to really pile up the goodies. You'll have to kepp your eyes on other blogs for the first, and the third will be posted here as the month progresses. But today, I'm going to focus on the middle. All 4 cards of them.

My only quibble about this is that it features event worn swatches as opposed to game worn. But this is my first hit that in any way features a member of the Nordiques. Although I would have loved to add a classic Nords blue swatch, this one is still nice as it is of someone who doesn't have that many hits out there.
For $2, it is really hard to put any Senators auto in front of me and not expect that I'd at least consider adding it to my collection. Especially if it is one I didn't have prior to spotting it. Yes, he's spending more time in Binghampton as opposed to Ottawa, and this does really reek of a sticker dump, but I don't care. It's a new name in my Sens hit collection, and at least the initials are pretty legible.
I mentioned this yesterday as I polished off my Rangers Frankenset. Akeson appears to be the only player that made a debut among this year's opening rookie card crop, so it is nice to have the set up to date at this point.
And finally, a relic for the masks binder. If JO'B was a sticker dump, this was a relic dump courtesy of Panini Rooki Anthology. I guess there was an old Coyotes jersey sitting around Panini HQ. The design on these TD cards is among my favourites for hits. The player pops off the background nicely, and it is an interesting concept for hockey, a subset based on height.
To make this even more perfect for my masks binder, the back of the card describes his mask. The other side of the mask. The side not seen in the picture. Maybe it isn't as perfect as I thought.

Another day, another post.

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  1. Yo dawg, we herd you liked masks, so we put a mask behind your mask so you can mask while you mask.