Thursday 1 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards: Part 1

Reports of a hunchbacked mail carrier were unfounded, but a package containing what was $160.00 worth of goodies arrived today. I'd say most of it was paid for with credit entirely, save for shipping.

And that's not counting the cards still my inventory from

And how does that stack up? Good question:

Stacking it up alongside the Carlos Delgado bobblehead, this is how high they reached. They actually came in a 200 count box, which was inside a larger box, with additional cards inside a bubble envelope.

Here's a quick summary of the contents of the package, obviously with some cards qualifying for multiple categories and accounting for clerical errors in the tallying.

Pages for the packing slip: 11

Hockey: 10
Baseball: 77
Football: 24
Basketball: 22
Wrestling: 3
Hollywood: 5
Other: 5
Relics: 9
Autograph: 15
Rangers Alumni: 2
2/14 Guys and Gals: 33
Mets: 10
Blue Jays: 7
Bills: 10
Raptors: 5
Senators: 1
Expos: 2
Masks: 4
Carlos Delgado: 10
Set Builders/Finishers: 8
Cards for other people: 3

And since I should post one card with this, how about I make some room by posting the thickest?
Dwayne only saw a little action during the 2007 season, and appears to have been out of football since he was released by the Toronto Argos in 2010. Still, that made this a cheap, but interesting addition to my Bills collection.


  1. Nice. I just picked up 13 bucks worth of free cards from them too. I think it equalled about 22 cards. What kind of Mets cards did you get. Just curious as a Mets collector.

    1. Not too much. A little bit of random base, a little vintage. No hits, though.

  2. Very cool. Now that COMC is starting to get back to normal, I might have to start shopping again. I tried a few of those challenges, but my ADD kicks in after 5 or 10 minutes, so I don't think I've even earned a buck yet.

  3. Nice haul! I think around 50 of the 59 cards currently in my inventory were the result of the around $90 worth of level grinding I did.