Wednesday 14 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 8: NERRRRRD!

You really need to scream it like Homer during the college episode of the Simpsons.

This may not have the surreal level of the Jim Moore card, but it still shows how strange things can get when you are allowed for X number of cards in your team set, but you only have X-Z show up during photo shoot day. So, you need to fill  in the rest of the set with Z.

Behold! Here we have one part of Z for the 1985 Iowa Cubs.
Hopefully, he came up with such great promotions as these:
Bring on "Poopie Night"!


  1. You should try and find Bruce to get him to sign it!

    1. Bruce now lives out in Las Vegas. It would be fun for him to sign, but how does buckstorecards get around the "Oh, sorry for calling you a NERRRRRD! on my blog" thing?