Thursday 15 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 10: My newest oldest

10 posts in, and I've still got a pile of cards to work through. So, of course, the sane thing to do is post just one card today.

But, it is a first for my collection as whole, as well as a new card and milestone for the 2/14 binder. This is my first card from the 40s in my collection, and what will likely be the oldest card in my collection for a long time:
This one set me back about $12.00 of store credit from COMC, and was worth every key press in order to add it. The only other things available were some cut autos, and some other cards for $20.00 on ebay. Much as I like adding 2-14 cards to my collection, I really don't want to go too crazy when there are other options available, and when I don't really have any loyalty ties to the player or team.  That last sentence is added to justify my purchase of another 2/14 card that is currently on the way.

I'm a smidgen tempted by that copy of Life Magazine from 1941 where Barrett is on the cover, though.

But, back to the card. This is my first Boston Braves card from their years of existence. I do have a couple Conlons, but that's it. As for Barrett, he was a .500 pitcher for his career, posting a record of 69-69. However, he does have one record that will likely never be broken. He threw the fewest pitches (58) over a 9 inning complete game. Considering 67 is the second place result, I'm guessing it is pretty safe.

And so, this is now the oldest card in my 2/14 collection, and I really think it will still that way for the foreseeable future.
Even better, his birthdate appears on the back. Not too many of my vintage cards in the collection include that!


  1. Nice add to the PC. I have yet to get any '40s cards I have at last check at least 5 cards (maybe as many as 6) for each year from 1950 up to the current year. For some years the minimum of 5 cards is all I have. As for older than 1950 I have a 1933 Goudey Alvin Crowder Senators (#122)

    I'm just talking Baseball here, for the other sports football my oldest is 1950 something and for Hockey and Basketball it is late 1960s. Non sport I have some tobacco cards from early 20th century 1912? I think not sure of those years.

  2. Very nice! I'm plugging away at the Red Sox team set from this set, they're beautiful cards.