Sunday 11 May 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 27 - Part 2

Time to bust the other half of the repack.

1959 Topps Harry Hanebrink - I'm so used to pulling a card from the late 70s in these, that this one stunned me.  A 1959 card. It might not be a major name, but it is in pretty good shape for a card that is about 55 years old. And definitely unexpected as a pull from a repack.
1976 Topps Ted Simmons
1976 Topps Jim Fregosi - Heck, even the 1970s cards are of recognizable names to modern fans. The vintage portion of this repack was great.
1987 Fleer Steve Sax
1989 Upper Deck Tim Leary
1987 Topps Tim Stoddard
1989 Fleer Carmelo Martinez
1987 Topps Atlee Hammaker
1987 Donruss Lee Lacy
1989 Upper Deck Gary Ward
1994 Donruss Al Osuna
1994 Leaf Jeff King
1994 Leaf Craig Biggio
1989 Upper Deck Tim Wallach
1994 Leaf Shawon Dunston
1999 Topps Tom Gordon
1994 Fleer Andy Benes
1993 Stadium Club Benny Santiago
1999 Topps Gold Label Ben Grieve - A nice shiny premium base card as well. I've been noticing at least one of these Gold Label card
1994 Leaf Tim Wakefield - How can you not love finding a card of a knuckler?
1989 Topps AS Frank Viola
1995 Upper Deck John Olerud - Blue Jays content! WOO-HOO!
1998 Score Bobby Estalella  - Another name that would be fun to say - Estalella.
1989 Topps Mike LaCoss
1998 Score Rookie/Traded Brad Radke
1990 Score Joe Magrane
1990 Score Phil Bradley
1990 Score Mitch Williams
1990 Score Will Clark
1990 Score Scott Fletcher
1990 Score Walt Weiss - 1990 Score might be junk wax, but this turning two photo sure isn't.
1990 Score Dave Bergman
1990 Score Terry Steinbach
1990 Score Craig Biggio
1990 Score Luis de los Santos
1990 Score Milt Thompson
1989 Donruss Keith Brown - It is a dupe, but it is a dupe of another 2/14 guy.
1993 Leaf Ruben Sierra - If I pull a 1993 Leaf, I might as well scan the back.
1990 Bowman Reggie Jefferson
1991 Leaf Heath Slocumb
1989 Donruss Joe Price
1990 Fleer Kevin Mitchell
1990 Fleer Damon Berryhill
1990 Fleer Dave Magadan
1991 Upper Deck Stan Javier
1998 Score David Wells
1998 Stadium Club Scott Erickson
1998 Stadium Club Juan Gonzalez - How much red is too much red on a card?
1990 Topps Bob Melvin
1987 Fleer Alan Wiggins
2008 Topps Andy LaRoche - Not counting the hit, this was the most recent card in the repack.

How can I hate a repack that contained a card from the 50's? A great pile of goodies in this one. More keepers in the first half, though, once I hit the wall of 1990 Score.


  1. Never heard of a 1959 card in a repack. Not worth a lot but cool nonetheless.

  2. Wow cool to get a '59 in a repack. The oldest vintage I've gotten in a Target Repack is a '76 actually from a fairfield 250 card repacked cube I got two '76s. Usually one maybe two '80s or '81s will be the oldest "vintage" I get.