Sunday 18 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 12: Throwbacks!

While not overly plentiful, my original foray did get me a four-pack of throwback uniforms.
What would it take me to voluntarily pick up a Leafs card? Set building would do it. As would any 2/14 cross-over. McCabe is neither, but that Toronto St. Pats uniform is gorgeous.
Any time I can come across a card of a Met in a throwback, you can be sure I'll be putting it in my card. Here's Hall of Famer to be Tom Glavine rocking a New York Cubans uniform.
And a Met to be with Carlos Beltran sporting a Kansas City Monarchs throwback.
Finally, here's Cleveland's Charles Nagy. I think this card might have been design for Nick @ Dime Boxes, as it encompasses two of his PCs. Throwback on the front.
And a pre-interleague play AL pitcher-at-the-plate photo on the back.

And I'm still not below the 100 mark in my COMC box.

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