Wednesday 14 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 9: Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time to knock off 5 cards from the COMC box.
I'm going to open with a beautiful card, and one that really looks like one that should come from a high end set. This is a thick card, /99 from 10-11 National Treasures, part of a 20 card subset. Of all the Bills from that era, Bruce Smith might have been my favourite on the team. It is really nice to add a commemorative card to my collection, and this fits the bill perfectly.
And why not another Bruce Smith to join it? It isn't so much the front of this card that it is so great...
it is the back of this interstate parallel that is so goofy it is amazing. The only way this could be more surreal if 'Virginia is for Lovers' appeared on the bottom of the faux plate.
A pair of Bruce Smiths kinda dwarfs the guy who was almost the first undrafted rookie to start a team's opening game. There were a lot of Bills rookies that had autos in this year's sets. I'm surprised there aren't Matt Leinart Bills hits out there.
Stadium Club could make a basic post-game photo into an interesting card. Mike Lodish definitely has a n interesting post NFL career. Peanut Brittle.
And to wrap it up, here is another spectacular photo. The only way this photo could be any better would be the presence of the "Batavia Party Zone" sign hanging from the stands.

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  1. Bruuuce will be signing this year at the National, along with Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Andre Reed. Jul 30 thru Aug 3 in Cleveland.