Monday 19 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 13: Happy Victoria Day!

Or, if your wrestling loyalties are with another company:
Happy Tara Day! That cheesy segue was just an excuse to show off a couple of cards relating to wrestling that I picked up.
Much as Victoria/Tara was my favourite performer among the ladies, she can't really comete with the great photo of the Junkyard Dog. I would have gone for the far more obvious "Junkyard at a Junkyard" caption on this card, but this will do.
Hey! Wait a minute! This is a baseball card! And of a guy who never made it out of A-ball, and hasn't played since 2011. What is he doing here? Well, the last name is a clue....
Shaver Hansen is the son of wrestling legend Stan "The Lariat" Hansen. I'm guessing with that second generation reputation, pitchers threw inside on him approximately never.

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