Monday 19 May 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 29

Nothing beats a trip through the Dollarama for something, and grabbing a Surprise Box on the way. This was the first one I've grabbed in a bit that contained two unopened packs in it. One of 08 Collector's Choice and the other being 92  Stadium Club. The others were a rookie pack (4 cards, with one rookie) and an 8 card pack of 90s cards.

I'll start with the Stadium Club.

Greg Adams
Peter Sidorkiewicz - WOO-HOO! A Sen! Sorta.
Paul Ranheim
Brent Ashton - I loved the Bruins throwbacks from this season.

Brad Shaw - And another Sen! Again, sorta.
Luc Robitaille
John Vanbiesbrouck
Vincent Riendeau
Robert Reichel
Bob Errey - Where in the Sam Scratch did Bob keep the lower part of his uniform?
Neal Broten
Brent Thompson
Darcy Wakaluk
Donald Audette
Darrin Shannon

4 keepers from a junk wax era pack. That's pretty good.

Now, the second pack.

Ryan Kesler
Martin Brodeur
Andrei Kostitsyn (Choice Reserve Parallel)
Marian Gaborik Stick-Ums - WOO-HOO! A new card for the 2-14 binder. Or a new sticker, depending on how you interpret it.
Ryan Getzlaf
Martin Gerber - Darth Gerber! AWESOME! A pair of keepers here - nice from a rather dull set.

Here's the rookie pack contents.

The Svatos isn't the best rookie, if that's the one it is supposed to be. It might be the Dansk, which is a really great photo. I really wouldn't expect that one from an ITG base card.

And the 90s pack.

Hey! A pair of more obvious Senators cards here, including a pretty nice view of the great Beaupre mask. And an even better view of the NHL 75th Anniversary Bruins jersey.

$2 worth of fun from this repack? Definitely.

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  1. Those Bruin throwbacks were very sweet. And burn that Kravchuk, would ya?