Wednesday 28 May 2014

COMC Challenge Cards Part 21: A 2nd Centerpiece

I'm not sure if this one will be the centerpiece of my Bills collection, or my 2/14 collection. Either way, this is a perfect addition to either.
I could complain that it is a sticker autograph, but when there are not a lot of certified Jim Kelly autos out there, you take what you can get. This one cost me about a day and a half worth of COMC challenges (with a $40.00 daily bonus thrown in there) to acquire this card, but it was worth it. $69.99 worth of data entry to make this card mine.

It is easily the most that I've ever paid for a card (if I had really paid). I don't think I've ever come even close to that. The closest I've come is with another COMC Challenge card at $23.75, but that, like this, was solely credit. For real, physical, cash for a card, I doubt I've broken the $10.00 mark more than once or twice.


  1. First of all, that card is a beaut! Secondly, it's funny to see how differently each person operates within the hobby. You haven't broken the $10 mark more than a couple times, me almost every card I've bought in the last year was $10 or more!

  2. I'm not sure what's more impressive... the card or the fact that you completed $69.99 worth of data entry. Either way... congratulations!