Saturday 10 May 2014

2014 Adventures in Repacks: Part 27 - Part 1

A trip through a Target without grabbing a repack? That's not happening. I pulled one of those 100 card (with 3 vintage) repacks from the racks, and busted it. In the end, I was really pleased with the results, hitting an unexpected era among the vintage cards, as well as the 1 in 8 repacks hit.

And even if I didn't get a couple surprising cards, I still got to go through 100 cards and find some hidden keepers. And that rules no matter what.

I'll start with what I started with - the bottom portion.
1983 Topps Milton Bradley Championship Baseball Carlton Fisk - And we start with a nifty oddball.
1988 Fleer Team Stickers - Pirates & Twins (w/ Candlestick Park on the back) - An interesting combo of stickers and ballpark.
1999 Topps David Justice
1987 Topps Bip Roberts - I got Bipped!
1989 Donruss MVP Ozzie Guillen
1987 Topps Earl Weaver - I can just hear him giving Alice Sweet advice on her tomato plants
1988 Topps Dave Lopes
1990 Donruss Brian Meyer
1990 Donruss John Moses - Hey! A bunting shot hidden in the middle of an infamous set.
1988 Fleer Juan Agosto
1990 Fleer Jack Howell
1990 Donruss Willie Wilson
1991 Donruss Tom Gordon
1990 Donruss Jim Abbott
1993 Topps Kevin Appier
1987 Donruss Jeff Sellers
1989 Score Devon White - I already liked the photo choice on this card for the full extension on the swing, but then I noticed the ball in the picture. It looks like despite the swing and a miss, Devo will be on his way to first as a hit batsman. HBP is something you really don't see a lot of on cards, so I've got another keeper.
1989 Score Wally Joyner
1990 Score Jim Abbott
1996 SP Randy Johnson - It is always nice to get mid-to-high range cards.
1991 Score Rich DeLucia
1988 Topps Ken Griffey
1991 Donruss Mike Marshall
1989 Topps Carmelo Martinez
1989 Topps Gary Gaetti
1989 Donruss Chris Speier
1989 Donruss Mike Aldrete
1991 Score Eric Gunderson * 2 - A card so nice, I got it twice!
1984 Topps Tom O'Malley
2011 Bowman Sterling Rookie Refractor Relic - Brandon Jennings - Not the best hit in the world, but a hit is still a hit. Either way, it is nice and shiny.
1989 Topps DeWayne Buice
1989 Donruss Mike Witt
1992 Topps Brian Bohanon
1989 Topps Luis Salazar - Mmmmm. Donut.
1990 Kmart Jose Canseco - Another oddball.
1986 Topps Ivan Calderon
1988 Topps Mark McGwire RB
1988 Topps Eddie Murray
1991 Bowman Kent Mercker
1991 Bowman Pat Combs
1987 Topps Bobby Thigpen
1987 Topps Jimy Williams
1987 Topps Eric Plunk
1994 Leaf Jose Vizcaino - Love the goggles!
1987 Donruss Dwight Gooden
1994 Score Rookies/Traded Gold Manny Ramirez - If not for the damage in the upper corner, this would be a great pull for a repack.
1983 Fleer Larry Bowa
1989 Cap'n Crunch Orel Hershiser
1989 Bazooka Jose Canseco - Ending with a pair of oddballs. Since I already pulled the Bazooka Canseco from a repack, you get the Orel.

Tomorrow, the rest of the repack!

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